Sneeze Guards


  • Helps prevent food contamination without detracting from the aesthetics of the food displayed
  • Small sneeze guard options available to suit control panel side of square and curved foodbars, single row straight foodbars
  • Larger sneeze guard options available to suit front panel of single row straight foodbar or either side of double row straight foodbar
  • Product photo shows E-SNZ24 Sneeze guard at the top of the E24 Foodbar with TR24 Tray race


A must for self service areas these discrete sneeze guards help prevent food contamination without detracting from the aesthetics of any food displayed. Please ensure that local health regulations are consulted for compliance prior to ordering.


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Model Details:

Model Number Description Sneeze Guard Position RRP AUD
ESG14 To suit E14 control panel side
ESG16 To suit E16 control panel side $144
CS-SNZ22 To suit S22 & C22 control panel side




CS-SNZ23 To suit S/SRX/SFX23 & C/CRX/CFX23 control panel side $115
CS-SNZ24 To suit S/SRX/SFX24 & C/CRX/CFX24 control panel side $129
CS-SNZ25 To suit S/SRX/SFX25 & C/CRX/CFX25 control panel side $140
CS-SNZ26 To suit S/SRX/SFX26 control panel side $153
E-SNZ14 To suit E14 front panel side
E-SNZ16 To suit E16 front panel side $202
E-SNZ22 To suit E/ERX/EFX22 either side
E-SNZ23 To suit E/ERX/EFX23 either side $165
E-SNZ24 To suit E/ERX/EFX24 either side $173
E-SNZ25 To suit E/ERX/EFX25 either side $191
E-SNZ26 To suit E/ERX/EFX26 either side $210


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