Heat ‘n’ Hold

Heat ‘n’ Hold


  • Dual Elements & Dual Fans for consistent, even oven temperature, enabling the food to be kept on display longer without degrading quality
  • Dual Thermostat function with timer control. The Heat ‘n’ Hold has both a HOLDING TEMPERATURE thermostat AND a PRE-HEATING thermostat.
    a) Holding temperature: for normal operation
    b) Pre-heating: Can be set to a higher temperature and operated by setting the timer (for up to 90 minutes). After the pre-heating time has elapsed, the Heat ‘n’ Hold reverts control to the holding temperature thermostat.
  • 10 Amp power
  • Fits up to 8 standard wire Bakers Racks: 18” (737 x 457 mm), that can each accommodate 2 x 1 gastronorm pans
  • Easy-fill Humidity Trays to help maintain food condition
  • Crumb Trays for easy cleaning
  • Control Side – lift-off hinged doors control side for easy loading food and end-of-day cleaning
  • Display Side – fixed or sliding glass (option)
  • Stainless steel construction for durability and food safety
  • Insulated for energy efficiency
  • Easily replaceable high temperature lights
  • Height adjustable feet
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Roband is delighted to play our part in the offical Australian Made campaign.
A wide range of equipment now carries the official “Austalian Made” logo from Roband branded bench top equipment to grill stations, milkshake mixers as well as the Austheat range of floor standing electric fryers & griddle/griddle toaster.
All backed with industry leading warranty, parts and service.


New generation of food display warmer

The Heat ‘n’ Hold is a new generation of food display warmer – designed to keep your products at the desired temperature anywhere in the cabinet. Your products will appear and taste appetising.

Unparalleled Performance

Heat ‘n’ Hold incorporates dual elements and dual fans for Enhanced Air Technology (EAT). This optimises air circulation, giving a new level of cabinet temperature consistency. 

Pre-Heating Function

The Heat ‘n’ Hold also has a “PRE-HEATING” function that allows you to speed up the cabinet heating process without burning your products. It can also assist in busy periods when the doors are frequently opened.

Unmatched Versatility

Each Heat ‘n’ Hold rack can accommodate two gastronorm pans side by side, granting you unparalleled flexibility in how you display your food.


To further preserve the food’s condition,  humidity trays are included.

Contemporary Design And Durability

Heat ‘n’ Hold features a contemporary design, easy-to-use functionality and robust construction.
Designed to perform and built to last.

Model Details:

Glass on
Display side
Glass on
Control side
Phase Dimensions
(w x d x h) (mm)
H200F Fixed Hinged 2,300 Watts 10 Amps Single 880 x 640 x 975 $ 4,455
H200R Sliding Hinged 2,300 Watts 10 Amps Single 880 x 670 x 975 $ 4,617

Model Details:

Description Dimensions
(w x d x h) (mm)
HT200 Trolley to suit H200F & H200R machines 900 x 600 x 430 (height includes castors) $ 950

NB: Overall combined height of H200 & HT200 is 1380mm.

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