Förje Saucepan – Low

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Förje Saucepan – Low


  • Robust construction with heat diffusing performance
  • Förje low saucepans comprise stainless steel encapsulated 5 mm aluminium heat diffuser
  • The aluminium is fully encapsulated
  • Size options vary between 1 litre capacity to 5 litre capacity
  • Lid included
  • Premium non-stick coating option available with 1 litre saucepan
  • Interior and exterior ‘fine satin’ finish makes for easy cleaning and reduces the signs of use
  • Suitable for use with the following:

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The Förje range of cookware is designed for professional cooking. Designed with the high expectations of professional chefs in mind, Förje cookware is known for its robust construction and heat diffusing performance. With two grades of stainless steel (AISI 304 & AISI 430), encapsulating a 5 mm aluminium heat diffuser, this leading edge cookware is ideal for use on all heat sources including induction.


Model Details:

Model Number Description Capacity (Ltr) Dimensions
(dia x h) (mm)
Thickness (mm)
SL1 Saucepan – low, including lid 1.0 140 x 75 0.8
SL1T Saucepan – low, including lid,
premium non-stick coated
1.0 140 x 75 0.8
SL2 Saucepan – low, including lid 1.9 160 x 95 0.8
SL3 Saucepan – low, including lid 3.3 200 x 105 0.8
SL5 Saucepan – low, including lid 5.0 240 x 110 0.8


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