Milkshake & Drink Mixers (DM31)

Milkshake & Drink Mixers (DM31)



  • The Saturn beater for extra fluffy shakes is included
  • Separate internally sealed two-speed on/off rocker switch
  • High performance stainless steel mixing spindle
  • Takes standard 710 ml (24 fl.oz.) cups without tilting to remove
  • Includes stainless steel cup
  • ‘Hands free’ operation when the mixing cup is resting on the cup support
  • Available in red, white, black & seaspray


  • Powerful two-speed motor, 18,000 RPM on low & 22,000 RPM on high speed
  • High performance stainless steel beater for use with ice cream and milk


  • Patented magnetic actuator, fully sealed for optimum hygiene
  • Removable easy to clean cup holder
  • Sturdy weighted base, easy to clean
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Roband is delighted to play our part in the offical Australian Made campaign. 
A wide range of equipment now carries the official “Austalian Made” logo from Roband branded bench top equipment to grill stations, milkshake mixers as well as the Austheat range of floor standing electric fryers & griddle/griddle toaster.
All backed with industry leading warranty, parts and service.

“Sealed Design” for easier cleaning & better hygiene ~ Versatile beater combination ~ Smaller footprint

Roband milkshake mixers are the ideal machine for making perfect thickshakes or milkshakes every time. The Saturn beater produces extra fluffy shakes using minimal ingredients, time after time. The Universal Beater is stainless steel & has 2 blade options ideal for making normal milkshakes through to thickshakes. Merging style, power & performance these mixers are a must for cafes & fast food outlets.

The first product designed and made by the founder, Sidney, was a milkshake mixer some 60 years ago in 1959 in the family garage. Today, Roband Milkshake Mixers are one of the many quality products manufactured in the Sydney based production facility and are exported throughout the world.


Model Details:

Model Number Description Power Current Dimensions
(w x d x h) (mm)
DM31W White milkshake mixer 150 Watts 0.7 Amps 180 x 220 x 485 2 speed $528
DM31B Black milkshake mixer 150 Watts 0.7 Amps 180 x 220 x 485 2 speed $528
DM31R Red milkshake mixer 150 Watts 0.7 Amps 180 x 220 x 485 2 speed $528
DM31S Seaspray milkshake mixer 150 Watts 0.7 Amps 180 x 220 x 485 2 speed $528
WA132 Stainless steel cups are available
710 ml / 24 fl.oz (ea)

Note: The WA132 is excluded from the official Australian Made and Owned certification.

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