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  • 8 mm thick griddle plates for superior heat retention
  • Superior, compacted griddle plate elements for fast temperature recovery and reliable temperature control
  • Thermostat control for precise cooking temperature. Dual on G700 for control of left and right side of plate
  • Large capacity forward positioned grease box which is dual skin for lower touch temperatures and integrated into machine to reduce risk of spillage and minimise bench space

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Roband is delighted to play our part in the offical Australian Made campaign.
A wide range of equipment now carries the official “Austalian Made” logo from Roband branded bench top equipment to grill stations, milkshake mixers as well as the Austheat range of floor standing electric fryers & griddle/griddle toaster.
All backed with industry leading warranty, parts and service.


From the outside, all brands of Griddles look quite similar but, it’s what’s inside a Griddle that determines how well the machine will perform under pressure and when you need it the most. This is where Roband Griddles are set apart from the competition and allow you to precisely cook a variety of food from steaks, chicken, fish and burger patties, fritters to eggs and bacon.

All Roband griddles feature uniquely designed elements that provide maximum temperature penetration specifically into the thick, steel griddle plate. The unique element design results in a smooth, controllable and even temperature across the cooking surface.

Roband Griddles help you achieve:

1)  Faster cooking times with rapid temperature recovery when loaded with food

2)  Lower power consumption and heat losses

3)  Even temperatures for professional cooking

4)  Reliable food quality outcomes

Three Griddles are offered in the Roband range, each delivering best in class performance.  Every machine plate size has been engineered to deliver the best cooking experience possible from the power supplied.

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Model Details:

Model Number Description Power Current Dimensions^
(w x d x h) (mm)
Cooking surface
(w x d) (mm)
G500 Griddle, single phase, medium production.   2,300 Watts 10 Amps 538 x 443 x 263 515 x 340 $ 897
G500XP Griddle, single phase, high production  3,450 Watts 15 Amps 538 x 443 x 263 515 x 340 $ 941
G700* Griddle, dual control, 2 phase + n, very high production 4,240 Watts 18.4 Amps
1 or 2 phase + N
725 x 529 x 263 700 x 400 $ 1,414


*Installation must be carried out by a licensed electrician. For this reason, the G700 model does not come with a plug and cord. The decision on connection options should be made under consultation with your electrician. Can be wired for Single Phase or 2 phase + n. We recommend using more than 1 phase for this machine as multiple phases will help evenly balance load and will reduce stress on product components. ^Dimensions include grease box.

Call Roband Australia +61 2 9971 1788 to find the location of your nearest Authorised Dealer who can provide you with further information.