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Multi-Function Chip and Food Warmer

  • Halogen Heat lamp
  • Heat source from above (Easy Fit heat lamp) and below (stainless steel element)
  • Energy regulator control of element (heating from below)
  • Ultra-durable stainless steel element
  • Three models available;
    – Base unit (MW10) shown with optional 1/1 gastronorm pan 100 mm deep (sold separately)
    – Chip Warmer (MW10CW)
    – Carving Station (MW10CS)


The multi-function food and chip warmer is a compact bench-top warmer that can accommodate a range of accessories to suit the type of hot food being displayed. With heat source from above (quartz heat lamp) and from below (stainless steel elements), the unit attractively holds and displays hot food, ready for service.

MW10 – Base Unit

The MW10 is supplied without any accessories or trays. It can accommodate a range of gastronorm pan configurations to suit the specific hot food being displayed. Combinations of pans up to a full sized 1/1 (100 mm deep) gastronorm pan can be accommodated. With heat from above and below, the MW10 can hold cooked food at correct serving temperature whilst being appealingly displayed.

MW10CW – Chip Warmer

Supplied with a sloping tray for chips, the MW10CW is designed to enhance productivity and presentation of cooked chips. Heating from above and below, the unit maintains cooked chips at the correct serving temperature and allows the fryer basket to be immediately returned to the fryer for the next batch, increasing fryer productivity. At the same time, the heat lamp serves to throw heat and a yellow light onto the cooked chips to enhance presentation.

MW10CS – Carving Station

The MW10CS is supplied with a full size (65 mm deep) gastronorm pan with a full size perforated and spiked pan (25 mm deep) so that the unit can be used as a carving tray. The perforated and spiked tray secures the meat for easy carving, whilst the larger pan sitting underneath holds water to produce steam and keep the meat moist and collects any fat drippings. The heat lamp throws a warm yellow light over the meat to enhance presentation.


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Model Details:

Model Number Description Power Current Dimensions
(w x d x h) (mm)
MW10 Multi-function base unit fits gastronorm pans, not included 685 Watts 3.0 Amps 395 x 640 x 475 $879
MW10CW Multi-function Chip Warmer with sloped tray for chips 685 Watts 3.0 Amps 395 x 640 x 475 $900
MW10CS Multi-function Carving Station with 1/1 size 25 mm deep perforated & spiked carving pan and 1/1 size 65 mm deep pan underneath 685 Watts 3.0 Amps 395 x 640 x 475 $921


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