Dipo Drop-in Induction Warmer

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Dipo Drop-in Induction Warmer


  • Designed to be dropped into a buffet set-up
  • Easy operation
  • Simple clean design
  • Integrated touch controls
  • Highly reliable circuit board, designed to operate continuously for up to 12 hours
  • 7 simmer / holding settings
  • LED display
  • Automatic pan sensing
  • Automatic over-temperature shut-off
  • Optional accessory – Stainless steel trim ring for housing unit in bench for flush counter space
  • Standard 10 Amp plug
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Designed and manufactured in Korea, the Dipo Drop-in Induction Warmer is designed to be dropped into a buffet set-up. The Dipo induction warmer is a simple and stylish unit designed to keep food at the correct serving temperature in an energy efficient manner. Given the long usage duration expected during buffet service, the energy efficiency of the Dipo machines provides strong justification for their use.

Dipo machines excel because they:

  • Feature a patented highly reliable circuit board that is designed to operate continuously for up to 12 hours
  • Use the strongest glass (NEG glass made in Japan) to protect from hard impact from cooking vessels
  • Featuring dynamic pan sensing technology with response times that set the benchmark for induction ranges. The Dipo units allow 10 mm of pan separation from the glass surface before the pan exits the magnetic field where power cuts out. It switches on within about 0.5 seconds of re-entering the magnetic field.


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Model Details:

Model Number Description Power Current Cookware diameter (mm) Dimensions
(w x d x h) (mm)
DWR04 Dipo Drop-In Induction Warmer
400 Watts 1.7 Amps 130 – 240 297 x 370 x 80 $1,331
MC0998 Optional:
Stainless Steel Trim Ring for housing Drop-In Induction Warmer model DWR04 into a bench for a flush counter surface


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