Frypod Fryers


  • Precise thermostat control delivering perfectly fried food consistently
  • Modern brushed stainless steel finish with quality metal control knobs
  • Safety lock mechanism preventing element removal when machine is switched on. It also prevents machine being turned on when elements are removed
  • Elements swing back and lock in place for draining oil and tank removal
  • Beveled fryer body providing lip for easy tank removal
  • Splashguard with bash plate that returns oil into pan for functional and cleaner operation
  • Multi-functional fryer lid included that can fit either with the fryer basket handle protruding from the front, or with the basket handle over the control panel for more compact storage
  • Insulated basket handle
  • Safety over-temperature cut-out
  • Element guard and capillary protection
  • Maximum and minimum oil level markers
  • Isolating switch
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Breaking new ground with its innovative design, the Roband Frypod excels with its performance, safety and cleanliness of operation.

Delivering perfectly fried food time after time, the responsiveness of the Frypod elements to any drop in temperature has been honed and the temperature band that the fryer continues to operate in when loaded with food has been tightened.  This ensures that the temperature drop of the oil is minimised during the cooking process, delivering consistent, perfect results. It also means less oil in the food and longer oil life.

With a modern brushed stainless steel finish, the sleek exterior also houses a simple but clever safety lock mechanism that prevents users from removing the elements when the machine is switched on and prevents the machine from being turned on when the elements are removed.

When it comes to cleaning, the Frypod provides a number of thoughtful features.  The elements easily swing back and offer two lock positions – one for draining oil, the other for tank removal.  The splashguard, that returns splashed oil to the pan during use and incorporates a bash plate, can also be removed and washed, whilst the beveled edge of the fryer body itself provides a lip for easy tank removal.

Delivering Roband’s trusted quality and performance, the Frypod fryer is a robust reliable fryer that will not disappoint.

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Model Details:

Model Number Description Power Current Dimensions^
(w x d x h) (mm)
Basket size*
(w x d x h) (mm)
Single Pan Fryers
FR15 Countertop fryer, 5 litre tank,
11 min heat up time, 7kg thawed chip production/hr, 6.5kg frozen chip production/hr
2,300 Watts 10 Amps 290 x 480 x 335 215 x 215 x 137 $616
FR18 Countertop fryer, 8 litre tank,
13 min heat up time, 10.5kg thawed chip production/hr, 10 kg frozen chip production/hr
3,450 Watts 15 Amps 290 x 480 x 385 215 x 215 x 137 $671
Single Pan/Double Basket Fryer
FR111 Countertop fryer, 11 litre tank, 2 baskets, 18 min heat up time, 14kg thawed chip production/hr, 12.5kg frozen chip production/hr 3,450 Watts 15 Amps 555 x 480 x 335 215 x 215 x 137 $820
Double Pan Fryers
FR25 Double pan fryer, 2 x 5 litre tanks, 11 min heat up time, 14kg thawed chip production/hr, 13kg frozen chip production/hr 2 x 2,300 Watts 2 x 10 Amps 570 x 480 x 335 215 x 215 x 137 $1,103
FR28 Double pan fryer, 2 x 8 litre tanks, 13 min heat up time, 21kg thawed chip production/hr, 20kg frozen chip production/hr 2 x 3,450 Watts 2 x 15 Amps 570 x 480 x 385 215 x 215 x 137 $1,196

^ Not including Frying Basket
* All these models have the same basket chip capacity of 1 Kg

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