Buying Roband Products

We sell through a dealership network Australia wide – call us on 02 9971 1788 to find out who your local dealer is.  Click here to view our overseas agents.

No, we are a manufacturer and wholesaler and do not sell directly to end-users. Our range of products is sold throughout our Australian dealership network – call us on 02 9971 1788 to find out who your local dealer is. Internationally, our products are exported to Agents who warehouse and support the machines locally in those markets.

Roband® Australia is a manufacturer and exporter of the Roband® branded range as well as Austheat® which are designed and manufactured in Australia to exacting standards. Roband® also imports and distributes world-class brands in Australia, including commercial Vitamix®, Noaw®, Förje®, Dipo, Robinox, Robalec and Robatherm.

Roband® and Austheat® machines are manufactured in Australia on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Vitamix® is manufactured in USA, NOAW® slicers in Italy and all other brands (Förje®, Dipo, Robinox, Robalec and Robatherm) are carefully sourced and manufactured overseas to Roband’s exacting standards.

We publish our Australian Recommended Retail Prices on our website. In Australia we sell our products through a Dealership network. Our dealers can be contacted to find out their selling prices, which in many cases are below the RRP. Please phone us on 02 9971 1788 to find out your nearest dealer. For pricing in overseas markets, please refer to our worldwide agents listing for contact details locally.

  • Many of our machines have a 10 Amp plug that can be fitted into a standard electricity socket, however, care must be taken to ensure that the circuit can carry the power output required by the machine if more than one device is connected to the circuit.
  • Some of our machines have a 15 Amp plug which provides greater power and performance to the machine over a 10 Amp equivalent. Most commercial shops should have 15 Amp sockets available, but customers should be prudent and check this prior to purchasing a 15 Amp machine. As above, care should be taken to ensure the circuit is capable of carrying electricity supplied if more than one device (any device) is connected to the circuit.
  • Any machine with Amperage greater than 15 Amp (eg 20 Amp, 25 Amp) is supplied without a plug and cord. They have the option to have a plug and cord fitted, or to be hardwired by a licenced electrician who will be required install these machines.
  • In all cases, Roband recommends consultation with your place of purchase or your electrician to ensure your electricity supply is set up correctly for any new machines.


Please go to the product page for the machine you are looking for and you will find links to operation manuals and brochures, where available.

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