Gastronorm Steam Table Pans


  • Anti-jamming design for easy separation when stacked
  • Reinforced corners will not easily bend or suffer any shape deformities
  • 0.8 mm thickness, manufactured to International Standard EN631-1:1993
  • 18/8 AISI.304 stainless steel construction
  • Depth options of 25 mm and 65 mm
  • Stackable lids with built-in recess to return condensation to pan available separately
  • Available in full size (1/1) and 1/2 size
  • Cross bars available to support fractional sizes
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Versatile, as it can be used in both front and back of house, for storage, preparation, hot and cold food preparation, Robinox stainless steel steam pans are manufactured with anti-jamming design that will prevent pans from jamming together when stacked, making it easier to separate and pry pans apart.

Manufactured to the International Standard EN631-1:1993, Robinox’s extensive line of stainless steel pans, allows you to configure many combinations of pans, providing a solution for every task in the operation of your kitchen.

Pan Sizes:

Robinox pan sizes layout



Various fractional sizes will fit into a full size opening

Robinox pan depths



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Model Details:

Model Number Description Dimensions
(w x d x h) (mm)
Z11000C Full size lid 325 x 527 mm
GN11025 Full sized gastronorm steam table pan, 25 mm deep 325 x 527 x 25 mm
GN11065 Full sized gastronorm steam table pan, 65 mm deep 325 x 527 x 65 mm
Z12000C 1/2 size lid 325 x 265 mm
GN12065 1/2 sized gastronorm steam table pan, 65 mm deep 325 x 265 x 65 mm


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