roband 8 slice grill station food

Top 5 tips to keep your Grill Station clean!

1  Plates should be seasoned as per the instructions when the machine is first purchased.

2 Plates should be cleaned at the end of each day using a soft cloth dampened with only hot soapy water, with the machine turned OFF but while the plates are still warm. NEVER put cold water or ice on hot plates at a medium to high temperature. This may cause the plates to buckle due to the sudden change in temperature.

3 We recommend the use of Nylon scrubbers when cleaning and scrubbing the plates, as the use of metal scrapers or highly abrasive scrubbers (such as steel wool) can prematurely wear and damage the plates.

4 For protection and cleaning of “brushed” stainless steel surfaces on the body of the machine, it is best to use a cleaner that will both remove grease and dirt while protecting the surface from future marks. Whilst there are many possible products on the market, our tests have shown that the following products work well on brushed stainless surfaces. Stainless Steel Polish (Water based) – Supplied by Clean Plus Detergents Pty Ltd or Simple Green Pro M cleaner – Supplied by Simple Green.

5 Another great way to keep your Grill Station nice and clean is to use our replaceable Roband Grill Sheets and Clips, watch video below to find out more!


Click here to read details and safety information in the manual or go to the Grill Station page to find out more about the product.

Roband’s replaceable Grill Sheets and Clips – watch video below to find out more!