5 tips for evenly coloured toast

 5 Tips for smooth & fluffy milkshakes!

1  The colder the milk, the bigger the shake

2 Use Skim Milk, it creates fluffier milkshakes

3 If using ice cream make sure it is soft ice cream around the -12 degree mark to achieve a smooth result

4 Use the right beater for your shakes (3 x beater options provided with every Roband milkshake mixer):
Saturn beater  – setting the motor on low speed will aerate the milk resulting in a fluffy milkshake whilst increasing profits.
Wave beater – another option for milk & soft ice cream
Conical beater – suited for smooth thickshakes, ice cream rich with a little milk

5 Use quality mixing  equipment like the Roband Milkshake Mixer!

Watch this video to see the Roband Milkshake Mixer in action....