evenly toasted

5 Tips for evenly coloured toast!

1  Use one to two day old bread! The reason for this is simple; the high moisture content in fresh bread acts to counter the toasting effect. The moisture in each slice is driven down through the body of the bread (ie the top dries out faster) resulting in the top of the bread toasting before the bottom.

2 Don’t store bread in the fridge! Refrigerated bread will not only start the bread cold and extend the toasting time further; it will also serve to retain within the bread the very moisture we are trying to get rid of.

3 Bread with a high sugar content such as raisin bread, will toast faster and therefore the toasting time should be reduced. Bread such as Wholemeal, Sourdough & Gluten Free will take longer to toast.

4 If using an open mouth toaster, the bread at the back of the toasting cavity will toast faster than bread closer to the opening. This is because the heat is naturally lost through the open mouth. You can use this to your advantage when toasting different types of bread products.

5 Use quality toasting equipment!

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